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We tailor your account creation so you are only shown content that is relevant to you on the platform

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How it works

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Upon creating an account you immediately unlock access to all available classes chock-full of high quality educational insight and knowledge.

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How it works

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Learning shouldn't stop just because you're busy!

We breakdown our classes into mini bitesize lessons giving you ultimate flexibility to dip-in and out of your favourite subjects.

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How it works

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Access our industry expert courses created by the very best

Our courses are expertly designed by leading academics within their given subjects to provide you with real and meaningful learning

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Learn from the very best

Being able to learn from leading experts across a wide range of early years related subjects has never been easier. With our selection of courses you have direct access to learn from the very best of the best for a fraction of the price.

New content every month

We're constantly exploring new topics with a fresh perspective. With brand new content every month you'll never run out of opportunities to increase your knowledge or learn new skills with The Early Years Network.

A modern approach to learning

Tired of bland PDF's and overpriced powerpoint presentations? Here at The Early Years Network we're all about learning through the medium of video as research shows we respond more positively to and process visual information faster than text.


Are all the Network Classes included in my monthly price?

Regardless if you are a standard user or a corporate user, your membership grants you access to our entire collection of Network Classes so you can begin your educational journey with us today without any limitations.

Are there quizzes on the platform?

The Early Years Network is all about meaningful learning that will transform the way you interact with and educate young children, not attempting to fill your head with information for the sake of a quick superficial quiz.

Are videos available in different languages?

Unfortunately for the time being videos are only available in English, but maybe one day...

Can I access The Early Years Network if I don't have an early years qualification?

YES! Content on The Early Years Network has been created for people interested in early years regardless of age, experience or academic background. We have something for everyone whether you are a childminder, parent/carer or an early years professional.

Can I download the videos?

No, all videos are only accessible to stream online and require an internet connection in order to access the platform and watch the content.

Can I only access The Early Years Network on a computer?

Absolutely not, The Early Years Network has been optimised to be used on any device from your mobile phone to your tablet! Our flexible approach to learning embraces any and all types of device so you can learn anytime, anywhere!

Is The Early Network an accredited institution?

Whilst The Early Years Network is not an accredited body we do offer skill-based learning helping people transform knowledge and theory into meaningful change and improvement to their practice, environments and curriculum. Our Network Courses are created and hosted by leading experts within their academic fields, and upon completion of each course learners will be provided with a certificate to evidence their achievement.

Is there a minimum subscription time?

Of course not! You're free to cancel your membership whenever you like.

What is The Early Years Network?

We are a learning and development platform dedicated to the magical world of early years! We cover a wide range of topics, from child brain development to the importance of safeguarding and child wellbeing, through high-quality and immersive video content.

What subjects are covered on The Early Years Network?

We cover everything Early Years from ‘Cognitive Development Theories’, to the science behind play and even how to build the best rocket ship out of cardboard (you won't want to miss that video!). If you can think of a topic in early years we've probably got a video on it!