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Early Years Education Foundations

  • Emotions & Feelings
  • Molly Potter
  • 2 Hours
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In recent years, there’s considerable evidence that children’s behaviour has become more challenging. While this is not surprising considering the emotional stress parents/carers and their children have been under in the past few years, we might still find ourselves managing their behaviour in the same ways as we have always done (and possibly even as our parents did)! Managing children’s behaviour in an emotionally intelligent way is not only more supportive, more nurturing and promotes wellbeing, it tackles more effectively the ‘back story’ of any behaviour. With a mixture of theory and practical tools, this training is suitable for teachers (especially from nursery to Year 6) and parent/carers of primary aged children.

Skills you'll learn

Lesson Content

1. Lesson 1 - The Emotion Check-In


To kick things off Molly takes us through an 'emotion check-in' to help you tune into your current emotions, as well as, presenting you with a real example of how we can help children to relate to and talk about their emotions, and how they feel.

2. Lesson 2 - What Is Emotional Intelligence


In this lesson Molly explores Emotional Intelligence, what it means, how we can use it and the benefits it can bring to ourselves and supporting children in the early years.

3. Lesson 3 - Emotionally Unintelligent Behaviours


Our response to situations and scenarios comes from our Emotional Intelligence and ability to understand the backstory, so what does it look like when we're not very emotionally intelligent and follow our automatic responses?

4. Lesson 4 - The Role Emotional Messaging Plays In Society


In our logical world we might like to pretend that we only address things with a completely logical mind with no emotional impact happening anywhere what so ever, but this really is not a reality. Emotional messaging, such as stigmas in society around gender, have a huge impact on how we behave and how we think we should behave. In this lesson Molly dives into some of these examples, as well as, some of the key messaging we should be looking out for in the early years.

5. Lesson 5 - The Benefits Of Emotional Intelligence


In this lesson Molly runs through the many benefits of having emotional intelligence and we can use emotional intelligence to our advantage during life and the challenges we come up against.

6. Lesson 6 - What Our Emotions Are Telling us And How We Interpret Them


A big step forward in developing strong emotional intelligence is being able to understand what our emotions are telling us and the ways in which we interpret them to form a response or behaviour. In this lesson we delve into what our emotions are telling us and ways in which we can interpret them.

7. Lesson 7 - Recognising Our Emotions Early


Recognising your emotions early is a vital component towards emotional intelligence, though it's a lot easier to say than actually do! Failure to control your initial response leaves you vulnerable to your own impulsive emotional response. So how do we learn to control these initial reactions?

8. Lesson 8 - Teaching Children Emotional Intelligence & Being A Good Role Model


In our final lesson Molly lays out how we can best teach children emotional intelligence, including the importance of doing what we preach and modelling emotional intelligence when the opportunity arises.

9. Lesson 9 - What Children's Emotions Are Telling Us


In this final lesson Molly signs off by exploring what children's emotions are telling us and how behaviour is actually a form of communication.

Meet your teacher

I live in the fine city of Norwich with my reasonably well-trained husband. I have two grown up children who manage my over-excitability extremely well! I love travelling, learning, reading, yoga, fiddle playing, papier mâché, being outdoors – especially cycling, laughing and mischief! I have worked for 30 years in education - firstly in mainstream schools, then as a PSHE advisor (with a special focus on RSE) and then in a pupil referral unit (PRU) with children who struggle to regulate both their emotions and behaviour. I always had an interest in self-esteem development, attachment, childhood trauma and personality theories, but this accelerated during my time at the PRU as I collected more and more understanding and tools to help the children learn to feel secure and regulate. The understanding of how our very early years environment programmes us for survival within it, and how this doesn't always serve us well in the long run, has become more greatly understood in the last couple of decades. It helps you realise that healthy, caring relationships with very attuned and present adult, trumps all when it comes to moulding children's behaviour positively. I recently completed a qualification in person-centred approaches which tied up much of what I have learnt over the years in a neat bundle of understanding!

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