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Early Years Education Foundations

  • Staff Development
  • Ben Jones
  • 1 Hour
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Within this class Ben aims to equip you with everything you'll need to 'Create an Exceptional Team' with your nursery setting. So, whether you are a Team Leader, Deputy, Nursery Manager or maybe someone in a team who's keen to learn more about team dynamics and ways in which you can help push your team forwards to become more effective and efficient. Life within early years settings can feel hectic, chaotic and mentally and physically draining, but it doesn't need to be this way! By following some simple steps and prioritising teamwork, you and your colleagues can quickly find yourselves enjoying the working day and valuing your working relationships.

Skills you'll learn

Lesson Content

1. Policies & Procedures - A Team's Rulebook


If your policies and procedures are sat in a cupboard somewhere collecting dust or filed away on a computer just in case you need them one day then this lesson is for you! In this first lesson ben jumps into the world of policies and procedures to explore why they're so important for creating an exceptional team and how best we can use all of our policies and procedures in a transparent and effective manner.

2. Creating a Team Culture


If your Policies and Procedures are your rulebook, then your teams culture is the glue that holds your team together and provides you all with a meaning or a purpose behind what you do. A teams culture impacts everything from how you talk to each other, all the way to your collective beliefs as a group of people. Setting a team culture and ensuring that everyone sticks to these agreed principles is a fundamental component of creating a successful team and an environment that people enjoy working in!

3. Putting Value Into Your People


An educational setting is only as good as the team members that work within it, regardless of the quality of the equipment, facilities and resources available. Your people and their confidence, knowledge and skills is a vital component of building a high quality team and something that has to be prioritised regardless of how busy we are in the moment. Doing something for someone or not prioritising time to develop people within your team is a fatal error that happens far to often. In this class you'll explore why it's so important to put value into your team members, as well as, some of the ways you can achieve this!

4. Communication, Communication, COMMUNICATION!


Lets talk about communication, and by communication we're exploring more than just how we talk to one another! Effective communication is a fundamental component of effective teamwork and includes how we share information with fellow team members, systems that we have in place to communicate shared goals and values and so much more that you'll explore in this lesson.

5. It's Time To Get Ambitious


You don't have to feel guilty for being ambitious in your aims for the children, nursery or your business! In this lesson you'll dive into the topic of ambition and the importance of setting ambitious goals and targets for your team and the individuals within your team. Shooting for the stars is okay, just make sure you've got a clear plan of how to get everyone there!

6. Celebrating The Unique Individual


We talk so much about the 'Unique Child' and recognising that each and every child is different with their own personal needs and different ways of learning, but this doesn't just stop once we become adults. Everyone in your team is a unique individual that learns, communicates and operates in different ways, as well as, having their own individual skillset and personalities. In this lesson you'll consider the important role a leader plays to figure out what makes the individuals in their team tick and how to harness these quirks, hobbies and passions that make individuals unique, for the betterment of the team!

7. The Importance of Adaptability & Perseverance


In this lesson you'll explore the topics of adaptability and perseverance as two fundamental traits that all exceptional teams rely on when things get difficult or faced with challenging situations. Things don't always go to plan in the world of early years, which is why it's vital that adaptability and perseverance are shared skills amongst your team. When the going gets tough it's vital your team has the ability and knowledge to adapt or persevere in order to navigate testing situations and scenarios.

8. It Never Hurts To Be Organised!


Organisation is an extremely underrated component of an exceptional team but can often be the catalyst for conflict and a team failing to achieve their desires goals and outcomes. In this class you'll explore why organisation is such an important trait, as well as, how we can make sure organisation is a strength not a weakness!

9. Be Proud of Your Achievements


Okay so we've managed to get this far it's important that individually and collectively you're celebrating your achievements and wins, no matter how small or insignificant they might appear. Something as simple as saying well done to someone can often mean so much to that individual and can be a major spark in developing a culture of exceptional teamwork!

10. Outro: Time To Go Put It Into Practice


That's a wrap on this class all about 'Creating an Exceptional Team'. Hopefully this breakdown of some of the fundamental traits and components you'll find within exceptional teams has helped inspire and inform you to re-think about your teams. Building an exceptional team doesn't happen over night and takes time and a lot of work to embed this principles and ideas. But, it's certainly worth persevering with!

Meet your teacher

As an owner of multiple settings across the United Kingdom, I truly understand the difficult challenges our industry and the people within it face on a daily basis. Which is why I'm so resolute in providing change for our industry through a platform that offers meaningful and accessible learning, to not only improve practice and children's outcomes, but also to provide the incredible people within our community with a meaningful voice to share their work and passion.

'Learning for a brand new mummy and professional in early years.'

I've recently become a mummy for the first time and just recently gone back to work as a room leader. I was really nervous about feeling left behind and out of the loop, but finding The Early Years Network has given me so many ideas to share with my team and confidence. The bitesize lessons are so easy to dip in and out of, I find myself watching them at the most random moments! I've so far encouraged all my team to sign up and would recommend anyone with young children or works in the industry to get it!

Class FAQ'S

Are all the Network Classes included in my monthly price?

Regardless if you are a standard user or a corporate user, your membership grants you access to our entire collection of Network Classes so you can begin your educational journey with us today without any limitations.

Are there quizzes on the platform?

The Early Years Network is all about meaningful learning that will transform the way you interact with and educate young children, not attempting to fill your head with information for the sake of a quick superficial quiz.

Are videos available in different languages?

Unfortunately for the time being videos are only available in English, but maybe one day...

Can I access The Early Years Network if I don't have an early years qualification?

YES! Content on The Early Years Network has been created for people interested in early years regardless of age, experience or academic background. We have something for everyone whether you are a childminder, parent/carer or an early years professional.

Can I download the videos?

No, all videos are only accessible to stream online and require an internet connection in order to access the platform and watch the content.

Can I only access The Early Years Network on a computer?

Absolutely not, The Early Years Network has been optimised to be used on any device from your mobile phone to your tablet! Our flexible approach to learning embraces any and all types of device so you can learn anytime, anywhere!

Is The Early Network an accredited institution?

Whilst The Early Years Network is not an accredited body we do offer skill-based learning helping people transform knowledge and theory into meaningful change and improvement to their practice, environments and curriculum. Our Network Courses are created and hosted by leading experts within their academic fields, and upon completion of each course learners will be provided with a certificate to evidence their achievement.

Is there a minimum subscription time?

Of course not! You're free to cancel your membership whenever you like.

What is The Early Years Network?

We are a learning and development platform dedicated to the magical world of early years! We cover a wide range of topics, from child brain development to the importance of safeguarding and child wellbeing, through high-quality and immersive video content.

What subjects are covered on The Early Years Network?

We cover everything Early Years from ‘Cognitive Development Theories’, to the science behind play and even how to build the best rocket ship out of cardboard (you won't want to miss that video!). If you can think of a topic in early years we've probably got a video on it!

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