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Early Years Education Foundations

  • Pedagogy & Theory
  • Ben Jones
  • 1 Hour
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The first modern day theorist to demonstrate and support the importance of play in a child’s development, as well as the unique and important role of the adult. Through his concept of the ‘zone of proximal development’, Vygotsky demonstrated the abilities and skills of children independently vs what they could achieve with support from a more knowledgeable other. In this class you'll explore the fascinating work of Lev Vygotsky that still holds much relevance over 100 years later! Through the six lessons within this course Ben has broken down his theory into bite size chunks and presents a number of simple ways you can incorporate these principles into your everyday practice. This course is a fantastic resource to better understand how adults can interact with early years children to scaffold and extend learning opportunities otherwise unavailable to children.

Skills you'll learn

Lesson Content

1. An Introduction To Cognitive Development & Constructivism


In this first lesson Ben breaks down and analysis two fundamental concepts needed to understand the work of Lev Vygotsky, these being the terms 'Cognitive Development' & 'Constructivism'. Ben explains each of the two concepts to provide you with clarity and the basic understanding necessary to advance into the following lessons where you'll dive deeper into the world of 'Sociocultural Theory Of Cognitive Development'.

2. The Ideas Of Lev Vygotsky


With the basics out of the way it's time to jump into the work of Lev Vygotsky! In this lesson you'll be joining Ben in investigating the ideas and theory of the 'Sociocultural Theory Of Cognitive Development', specifically how children develop cognitive knowledge and the foundations for future learning.

3. The More Knowledgable Other


In this lesson you'll be investigating the concept of 'the more knowledgable other' that plays a central and pivotal role in the construction of Lev Vygotsky's theoretical approach to early childhood development. It's through the more knowledgable other's actions and interactions with the children that helps solidify and grow a child's knowledge and cognitive abilities.

4. Welcome To 'The Zone Of Proximal Development'


This lesson is all about the magical 'zone of proximal development' as Ben takes us through what it is, what the purpose of this concept is and how you can best implement it into your practice. Though the idea is over 100 years old the zone of proximal development still rings true today and highlights the importance of quality adult interactions with children to further their knowledge and understanding.

5. The Role Of Language In Early Years Development


In this lesson you'll join Ben in exploring the important role language plays in child development, as you'll delve into two pivotal roles language plays through the eyes of Vygotsky. Firstly, the role of adults (or the more knowledgable other) being able to communicate information, and secondly, the crucial role it plays in cognitive development and intellectual adaptation.

6. Utilising Lev Vygotsky's Ideas In The Modern World


In this final lesson Ben explores ways in which you can incorporate the ideas and theories of Lev Vygotsky into your setting and why embedding some of these concepts can really benefit your children.

Meet your teacher

As an owner of multiple settings across the United Kingdom, I truly understand the difficult challenges our industry and the people within it face on a daily basis. Which is why I'm so resolute in providing change for our industry through a platform that offers meaningful and accessible learning, to not only improve practice and children's outcomes, but also to provide the incredible people within our community with a meaningful voice to share their work and passion.

'Something all childminder's should invest in...'

Working alone can sometimes mean that my motivation and inspiration can run low. But since finding The Early Years Network I no longer feel like I am developing my practice on my own. The personable and really informative videos allows me to create variety throughout the day through really detailed learning and development for myself.

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Are all the Network Classes included in my monthly price?

Regardless if you are a standard user or a corporate user, your membership grants you access to our entire collection of Network Classes so you can begin your educational journey with us today without any limitations.

Are there quizzes on the platform?

The Early Years Network is all about meaningful learning that will transform the way you interact with and educate young children, not attempting to fill your head with information for the sake of a quick superficial quiz.

Are videos available in different languages?

Unfortunately for the time being videos are only available in English, but maybe one day...

Can I access The Early Years Network if I don't have an early years qualification?

YES! Content on The Early Years Network has been created for people interested in early years regardless of age, experience or academic background. We have something for everyone whether you are a childminder, parent/carer or an early years professional.

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No, all videos are only accessible to stream online and require an internet connection in order to access the platform and watch the content.

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Absolutely not, The Early Years Network has been optimised to be used on any device from your mobile phone to your tablet! Our flexible approach to learning embraces any and all types of device so you can learn anytime, anywhere!

Is The Early Network an accredited institution?

Whilst The Early Years Network is not an accredited body we do offer skill-based learning helping people transform knowledge and theory into meaningful change and improvement to their practice, environments and curriculum. Our Network Courses are created and hosted by leading experts within their academic fields, and upon completion of each course learners will be provided with a certificate to evidence their achievement.

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Of course not! You're free to cancel your membership whenever you like.

What is The Early Years Network?

We are a learning and development platform dedicated to the magical world of early years! We cover a wide range of topics, from child brain development to the importance of safeguarding and child wellbeing, through high-quality and immersive video content.

What subjects are covered on The Early Years Network?

We cover everything Early Years from ‘Cognitive Development Theories’, to the science behind play and even how to build the best rocket ship out of cardboard (you won't want to miss that video!). If you can think of a topic in early years we've probably got a video on it!

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