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'As a small chain of nurseries we've always really struggled to find early years training that isn't boring or ridiculously expensive, The Early Years Network changed all of that overnight!'

The onboarding process was an absolute doddle, I had my whole team of 30 signed up within minutes! I love that I can see how often they are all using the platform and what classes they're watching. We've started a 'Class of the Month' for each room so that certain topics or subjects can be implemented into the setting and everyones on the same page. With new content being added every month I couldn't imagine not having The Early Years Network as part of our company!

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Inspiring Excellence In Your Early Years Team

Let us level up your team, drive performance and bolster retainment through our flexible and modern take on early years learning and development.

Full of confidence

Have a team who are jam packed with knowledge, excited to learn and ready to educate our next generation of little minds.

Affordable and effective

For as little as £4.99 per person you can ensure that your teams have up to date and meaningful training. Ensuring that your early years provision is full of high quality and knowledgable team members.

Stand out from the crowd

Providing staff with The Early Years Network is a benefit beyond compare. Give your team a reason to be proud and confident in their work and to represent your company!

The future of early years learning

Early Years Companies & Teams

At The Early Years Network we're all about helping your teams of employees become the very best, confident and knowledgable early years professionals they can be!

Through our modern approach to learning and development we want to provide business owners like yourselves with the keys to unlock a world of opportunity and learning for your employees. 

Key Points

  • Drive your teams performance through industry leading learning and development opportunities
  • Improve the outcomes and standards of your settings
  • Bolster retainment by providing exceptional learning and training opportunities
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Inspire your teams

Purchase your very own training department

We understand that providing access to meaningful, high-quality and affordable training for your early years teams can be a near impossible task and finding the time to achieve this internal face to face is equally an impossible task. So why not join us in embracing the power of modern technology and find learning and development solutions built around the busy lives of your incredible early years professionals. With The Early Years Network you can provide your teams with access to the very first online learning platform dedicated to the early years industry. 

By subscribing your team to The Early Years Network you are purchasing your very own training department on hand to develop, inspire and progress your employees for a fraction of the cost.

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